Cats Love Yoga Too

I have two cats, one of them, Sammy, is always affectionate. The other, Ginger, is very aloof. When I do yoga though, Ginger is even more affectionate than Sammy.

It’s cute, I will be in down dog and they will both rub against my legs or attempt to press their noses to mine.

Lingerie Showers Can Be Fun(ny)

When I was about 6, some of the girls my sister was friends with decided she needed to have a lingerie shower. I should clarify, she was getting married. Not only was I offended that I wasn’t invited (I was practically an adult at that point, after all), but I distinctly remember trying to figure out the logistics of that many women fitting into a shower (as in bathtub) and why they would be wearing fancy underwear.

You Can Learn Yoga

I thought that I had something. I wanted to see what Netflix had in the form of yoga. I was going to share these great videos with you. The only thing that I found was in the form of a great documentary called Breath of the Gods that discusses the origins or many popular forms of yoga (particularly Iyengar and Ashtanga) as well as some yoga philosophy.

I Sleep Differently

I always use to sleep curled into a ball on my side. Would wake up with painful tight traps and low back/hip pain. We got a new hard memory foam bed two years ago and I’ve started doing yoga at night before bed and now I find it more comfortable to sleep on my back,

So I Have Ginger Powers

We don’t need to shave.

Like never.

I am a ginger and have predominately fine blond body hair aside from groin and pits. I trim my burning bush when it gets wild, maybe once a month- but I don’t like shaving (sensitive skin, ingrown hairs, razor burn)

When I was 12 or so I asked my mom for one of those fancy pink razors with a ton of blades,

Is It Genuine

It was really difficult for me to find a yoga studio where I thought the teachers were genuine. My idea of genuine is the same as yours and the yoga studio where I practice at now sounds like a place you would love. Challenging but yet the whole practice feeling holistic and addressing the spiritual aspect of it too.

So I Don’t Shampoo Everyday Anymore

I cut down my daily shampoo/conditioner routine to every 2-3 days, and my hair has seriously never been healthier.

It was a long process to make my hair presentable when I shampooed every day, because my hair is wavy, slightly oily on top and apparently dry on bottom. So I just styled every day.