Some Insights Into Yoga

Each body is unique. Each person is unique. I’ve found that I get the most out of my practice (and my teaching) with alignment. Too often, we don’t understand how the body is meant to be aligned in a pose and too often, teachers slide over that because we think folks won’t be interested and then won’t come to our classes.

I Thought I Had To Be Super Strong

Ironically yoga makes you strong enough for yoga.

The vinyasas that tend to accompany the practices with these arm balances build the arm and core strength needed to do the arm balances. I doubt you’ll find many widespread yoga practices consisting entirely of “advanced” arm balances without the “boring” basic postures as well.

A Fitting Lipstick

I found that a good portion of my makeup has to go or be repurposed to fit my red hair. Your taste/style may be vastly different so I will offer what works for me, feel free to disregard.

Id say stay away from reds, especially bright reds. Personally I’d stay away from bright colors (like neon pinks) I’d recommend dark plums,

Set Your Boundaries In Stone

I agree, people, weddings can be a serious pain! And when you start planning a wedding you will be exposed to a lot of it. People think that you are obligated to give in when it is your wedding, like their input means a damn. And unless you ask them for it this is just not true.