Time For A Break

I’ve been feeling a bit burned out on yoga. tried doing it 6 days per week over an extended period and eventually started getting really bored with the practice. I’ve been off the mat for about 5 days and trying to get into it again. i would imagine as you become an advanced yogi there is more of a variety in terms of poses and routines that you can do but right now I’m still in the intermediate phase.

People Can Be Rude, But Is That Anything New

I have noticed this from time to time in the different courses that I have taken. There are some people who just get overly aggressive.

One woman literally chased another girl off of a space by rolling her matte out on top of the poor girl’s matte. She moved over next to me and smiled sheepishly.

Yoga Towels, Yes You Will Want One That Doesn’t Slip

I use Gaiman towels from Target and they’re pretty cheap. They bunch up once in a while, but they’re still pretty damned wonderful. I have two I use and they’re both fine enough.

They tend to bunch and slip but I just straighten it out when I’m in downdog again. I used a yogitoes one once and was happy with how it staid put…