For Pale Girls

My go to/basic everyday is a minimal look. The no-makeup makeup look (light coverage foundation, blush, dip brow) but with a light/medium earthy tone eyeshadow (I use the Naked Palette) and mascara.

Some background info:

  • My skin tone is warm but very pale. My problem is that every time I find a foundation light/pale enough, it has a pinkish or orange-y undertone.
  • I have fairly sensitive skin (I break out easily). No allergies. Preferably fragrance-free & oil-free.
  • My price range: Max $100. (Ideal: not expensive – like a drug store brand. However, drug store brands usually aren’t pale enough so I’m willing to splurge on one that will match)
    • I currently use : Loreal True Match W1 Porcelain. This is the closest I’ve come to finding a color that matches the yellowish-ness of my skin, but its still not light enough. I mix it with mineral oil to thin it out and blend it so its not so obvious that its too dark.

      What I’ve tried: I went to Sephora and did the color IQ to test out a bunch of samples. I tried Dior Skin Forever Flawless Perfection Wear Makeup in Linen 021. Also tried 020 light beige and 010 Ivory. All too dark pink/orangey! Was also matched with Urban Decay Naked Skin in 0.5 very fair porcelain and 1.0 very fair bisque. Again, too pink and too orange. I’ve also tried all the fair/pale shades of Tarte Amazonian Clay. Also tested the fair/pale shades by Clinique, Neutrogena & Covergirl.

      I’ve gone to MAC but I’ve always left the store looking like a bottle of spray tan exploded on my face. I know some people have had luck at MAC with lighter shades so I’ve been to a few locations. Every sales associate has dismissed me when I’ve said I want light and natural. They’ve all been insistent I need to go a shade darker or at least try bronzer and wouldn’t let me get a sample of a lighter color. (Maybe it matches, but I wouldn’t know haha). I gave up with MAC when a sales associate told me I should get a tan and then come back since it would look better anyway.

      I laughed, but she was dead serious.

      Now my favorite for color match: Either the Rimmel or the L’Oreal True Match. The True Match is a little closer in terms of “lightness” but the Rimmel is pinker and looks more true to my undertones. Both of these are my everyday “go-to” / going to work foundations.

      Favorite for coverage: The UD Naked Skin or the Lancome Teint Visionnaire. They are both very thin/runny but very pigmented, and I find that I can apply it in thin layers and build coverage where I need it, and not have to apply extra where I don’t. I just wish either of them were a bit lighter, because my Illamasqua SB01 is very thick and changes the texture completely. Either of these with a dab of the Illamasqua are my “going out” / “special occasion” type foundations.

      I set all my foundations with a translucent powder, usually the ELF HD. I carry a powder foundation (Either Sephora 05 Porcelain or Lancome Dual Finish Matte Porcelaine) because blotting with a powder foundation helps to color-correct any oxidation.

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