Lingerie Showers Can Be Fun(ny)

When I was about 6, some of the girls my sister was friends with decided she needed to have a lingerie shower. I should clarify, she was getting married. Not only was I offended that I wasn’t invited (I was practically an adult at that point, after all), but I distinctly remember trying to figure out the logistics of that many women fitting into a shower (as in bathtub) and why they would be wearing fancy underwear.

I couldn’t figure out why the party needed to be in the bathtub – especially at a Fancy Chinese Restaurant, but I knew I sure as hell didn’t want to miss out.

I figured the whole bathtub/lingerie aspect is why we needed to be so secretive about the whole thing – it was a surprise shower. I of course didn’t attend, and it wasn’t until many years later that I learned the true nature of bridal/lingerie showers.

It wasn’t until even later that I learned what it was like attending them.

In my mind, a lingerie shower is STILL awkward (even if it’s not what the 6-year-old thought) … I’m not super confident in my body so the thought of opening up all these lacy/sexy things that are supposed to go on my body would be mortifying. Also if my future MIL and my mom were there … I could’t even handle that idea. Yuck!

But here we go again. I just pulled the invitation for the lingerie shower out of the mailbox today. I have been told that they will be having a number of showers, but that the best girlfriends are also invited to the lingerie shower and the bridal shower. I honestly didn’t think that I was in that category but it is fine. I don’t have a problem giving out two gifts, and the lingerie shower seems to be a tame bachloette party. The bride is from Brazil and I am told that the lingerie shower, again, only women and they give the bride lingerie, this usually double as the bacholorette party there. Which is fine by me since I don’t need to go out to the clubs. I am through with all of that. Yoga has been helping me get my impulses together. I can control those moments that usually ended with me wild and crazy.

Even though I have that streak, lingerie showers were never that interesting, the 6 year-old is more fascinated with them than I am. That said, if it’s your thing, I hope you totally enjoy it and get lots of super cute little lacy things!

My current boyfriend and I have been together for 7 years and neither one of us really cares about lingerie.

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