For Pale Girls

My go to/basic everyday is a minimal look. The no-makeup makeup look (light coverage foundation, blush, dip brow) but with a light/medium earthy tone eyeshadow (I use the Naked Palette) and mascara.

Some background info:

  • My skin tone is warm but very pale. My problem is that every time I find a foundation light/pale enough,

Set Your Boundaries In Stone

I agree, people, weddings can be a serious pain! And when you start planning a wedding you will be exposed to a lot of it. People think that you are obligated to give in when it is your wedding, like their input means a damn. And unless you ask them for it this is just not true.

So I Have Ginger Powers

We don’t need to shave.

Like never.

I am a ginger and have predominately fine blond body hair aside from groin and pits. I trim my burning bush when it gets wild, maybe once a month- but I don’t like shaving (sensitive skin, ingrown hairs, razor burn)

When I was 12 or so I asked my mom for one of those fancy pink razors with a ton of blades,

Is It Genuine

It was really difficult for me to find a yoga studio where I thought the teachers were genuine. My idea of genuine is the same as yours and the yoga studio where I practice at now sounds like a place you would love. Challenging but yet the whole practice feeling holistic and addressing the spiritual aspect of it too.

So I Don’t Shampoo Everyday Anymore

I cut down my daily shampoo/conditioner routine to every 2-3 days, and my hair has seriously never been healthier.

It was a long process to make my hair presentable when I shampooed every day, because my hair is wavy, slightly oily on top and apparently dry on bottom. So I just styled every day.

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