People Can Be Rude, But Is That Anything New

I have noticed this from time to time in the different courses that I have taken. There are some people who just get overly aggressive.

One woman literally chased another girl off of a space by rolling her matte out on top of the poor girl’s matte. She moved over next to me and smiled sheepishly. We talked after the course and she will be setting up next to me from now on.

I would call anyone out for literally laying their mat on top of mine or where I am clearly about to set up. That’s rude as fuck. No drama, no big deal, just calmly stand your ground and inform them that “excuse me, I was already here.” The end.

I have no problem brushing moments like these off, but if it kept happening, then I’d think there is clearly a problem with the people attending those classes, and they need to be respectfully confronted with the consequences of their ridiculous behavior. Because that is absolutely ridiculous behavior. I wouldn’t accept that continued behavior on the mat, on the street, in my home, it’s just disrespectful.

But if you’re not comfortable with confrontation like that, then I’d say definitely pull the teacher aside after class to tell them what is happening, or complain to management.

Honestly, it’s completely normal for this to bother you – because it’s unaddressed disrespect. Not only are these people disrespecting you, but worse you in a way disrespect yourself by never confronting these problems within yourself let alone with the perpetrators. It will bother you so long as you feel it is prompting you to do something, yet you never do. Whether that is actually calmly and promptly addressing the situation as soon as it occurs, or complaining to the teacher or gym, it’s clear you feel a gut reaction to do something about it. Listen to and honor that part of you! 🙂

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