So I Have Ginger Powers

We don’t need to shave.

Like never.

I am a ginger and have predominately fine blond body hair aside from groin and pits. I trim my burning bush when it gets wild, maybe once a month- but I don’t like shaving (sensitive skin, ingrown hairs, razor burn)

When I was 12 or so I asked my mom for one of those fancy pink razors with a ton of blades, she said to wait for a bit, and then I got older and stopped caring as I became very resistant to peer pressure and societal ideas of beauty.

I don’t ever shave or trim my arm pits. I like it natural. After so long not doing so, it would just feel pointless to start. Not to mention it’s time I don’t want to take out of my day, given that I’ve never made time for it before.

You have to be like two inches away to see it, or look at me back lit by the sun- both scenarios? Zero fucks are given.

All my boyfriends have confessed to really liking it. One Ex REALLY liked it and said I ruined him. He never got to experience feminine body hair and it was super sexy to him.

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