Time For A Break

I’ve been feeling a bit burned out on yoga. tried doing it 6 days per week over an extended period and eventually started getting really bored with the practice. I’ve been off the mat for about 5 days and trying to get into it again. i would imagine as you become an advanced yogi there is more of a variety in terms of poses and routines that you can do but right now I’m still in the intermediate phase.

Dedicated Ashtangis tend to do the same sequence(s) 6 days a week. You’ll hear them talk about practice akin to a marriage. It’s less about keeping things ‘fresh’ and more about it being part of your routine, something that you do as a part of your life in and of itself whether head-over-heels for your practice today or simply getting it done. To be sure, it’s a take on practice that not all yogis have, but it’s definitely one perspective to consider when looking at how practice fits into your life.

It is very strange, there are weeks where I can do it everyday and feel great ( I mainly practice hot vinyasa) and sometimes my body just needs a few days off. On my days off I try to fit in a few mindful moments or a few poses. I have been practicing yoga for about 3.5 years now and about to start YTT, am excited to see if taking breaks will still be a part of life after I complete the certification.

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