Yoga Towels, Yes You Will Want One That Doesn’t Slip

I use Gaiman towels from Target and they’re pretty cheap. They bunch up once in a while, but they’re still pretty damned wonderful. I have two I use and they’re both fine enough.

They tend to bunch and slip but I just straighten it out when I’m in downdog again. I used a yogitoes one once and was happy with how it staid put… But they’re expensive! If you can afford it it’s worth it I think.

I have tried several from Yogitoes, Manduka and YogaRat’s some are better than others. The yogitoes is ok when it doesn’t move around but when it does its a pain to get it to go back.

Same with Yogarat and manduka though they tended to move and bunch at the hands and feet more.

I have tried a new one a friend recommended from Intention Yoga because it goes around your mat at the corners, I’ve been using it for a weeks and hasn’t bunched on me once. It may be my new favorite yoga towel!

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